Name: Grand Master Trainer
Price: 299.99 USD

Thank you for supporting the server!

On Purchase (One Time):

3 Legendary Crate Keys
3 Shiny Pokemon Crate Keys
2 Shiny Legendary Crate Keys
2 Special Keys
5 Legendary Pokedisguise Crate Keys
5 Pokemon Aura Crate Keys
128 Rare candy
2 stacks of Poke balls
1 stacks of Great balls
1 stacks of Ultra balls
15 Master balls
2 Shinies of your choice (Non-legendary) (Non-Ultra Beast) (Talk to an admin to receive)
2 Legendary of your choice. (Talk to an admin to receive)
1 Form Pokemon of choice (Talk to Admin to receive)
1,250 Tokens

Kit Master (1 Week Cooldown) (and access to all previous ranks kits):

Kit Master Includes:

64 Rare candy
5 Master Balls
500 Tokens


★Hat (Make whatever you are holding your hat)
★Nick (Gives yourself a nickname)
★Color Nick (Can use colors in your nickname)
★Jump (Jump to where you are looking)
★Thru (Pass through obstacles)
★Hiddenpower (Reveals your pokemon's hidden power)
★Enchantingtable (a virtual enchantingtable command)
★Workbench (Open a workbench)
★Enderchest (Opens enderchest)
★Pokeheal (Heal your pokes)
★Pc (Opens up the pc)
★Fly (Fly)
★Repair (Repair all of your tools)
★Up (Go up)
★God (God Mode)
★Enchant (Enchant all of your tools)
★Breed (Instantly breed your pokemons)(20 Mins cooldown)
★Set Home 100 (Set 100 homes!)
★Pokecolor (Can change the color of the name of your pokemon)
★Phatch (You can hatch 1 egg that is under 10km every 2hrs 30m)
★Speed (Run and fly with super speed)(Amazing for hatching eggs)
★Pevolve (Instantly evolve your pokemon)
★Top (Instantly go to the surface)
★Movelist (List the moves a pokemon can learn)
★Tms (Displays compatible TMS's)
★Trash (Can throw all your junk here for disposal)
★RedeemFossil (Redeems the currently held fossil)
★Tradesim (Triggers a trade evolution)
★Hatch (Hatch an egg)(10 Min cooldown)
★Anvil (Opens a virtual anvil)
★Legendary (Show which legendaries are nearby)
★Check for legendary spawns (Who, when, and what biome!)


1. Exclusive Donor Master Rank on discord!
2. Exclusive 2 letters blue color (MS) prefix on the tab menu!
3. Exclusive Red color Master prefix in chat(no other rank has)!
4. Join server even when its full!
5. Can get admins to place some statues for you with chisel!