Name: Master Trainer
Price: 199.99 USD

Thank you for supporting the server!

On Purchase (One Time):

2 Legendary Crate Keys
2 Shiny Pokemon Crate Keys
2 Shiny Legendary Crate Keys
2 Special Crate Keys
3 Legendary Pokedisguise Crate Keys
3 Pokemon Aura Crate Keys
128 Rare candy
64 Poke balls
48 Great balls
48 Ultra balls
10 Master balls
2 Shinies of your choice (Non-legendary) (Non-Ultra Beast) (Talk to an admin to recieve)
1 Legendary of your choice. (Talk to an admin to receive)

Kit Master (1 Week Cooldown) (and access to all previous ranks kits)

Kit Master Includes:

64 Rare candy
3 Master Balls


★Hat (Make whatever you are holding your hat)
★Nick (Gives yourself a nickname)
★Color Nick (Can use colors in your nickname)
★Jump (Jump to where you are looking)
★Thru (Pass through obstacles)
★Hiddenpower (Reveals your pokemon's hidden power)
★Enchantingtable (a virtual enchantingtable command)
★Workbench (Open a workbench)
★Enderchest (Opens enderchest)
★Pokeheal (Heal your pokes)
★Pc (Opens up the pc)
★Fly (Fly)
★Repair (Repair all of your tools)
★Up (Go up)
★God (God Mode)
★Enchant (Enchant all of your tools)
★Breed (Instantly breed your pokemons)(20 Mins cooldown)
★Set Home 100 (Set 100 homes!)
★Pokecolor (Can change the color of the name of your pokemon)
★Phatch (You can hatch 1 egg that is under 10km every 2hrs 30m)
★Speed (Run and fly with super speed)(Amazing for hatching eggs)
★Pevolve (Instantly evolve your pokemon)
★Top (Instantly go to the surface)
★Movelist (List the moves a pokemon can learn)
★Tms (Displays compatible TMS's)
★Trash (Can throw all your junk here for disposal)
★RedeemFossil (Redeems the currently held fossil)
★Tradesim (Triggers a trade evolution)
★Hatch (Hatch an egg)(10 Min cooldown)
★Anvil (Opens a virtual anvil)
★Legendary (Show which legendaries are nearby)
★Check for legendary spawns (Who, when, and what biome!)


1. Exclusive Donor Master Rank on discord!
2. Exclusive 2 letters blue color (MS) prefix on the tab menu!
3. Exclusive Red color Master prefix in chat(no other rank has)!
4. Join server even when its full!