Name: Elite Trainer
Price: 49.99 USD

Thank you for supporting the server!

On Purchase (One Time) :

1 Legendary Crate Key
1 Shiny Pokemon Crate Key
64 Rare candy
40 Poke balls
35 Great balls
25 Ultra balls
3 Masterballs

Kit Elite (1 Day Cooldown) (and access to all previous ranks kits):

Kit Elite Includes:

20 Great Balls
20 Ultra Balls
5 Elixirs
5 Max Revives
15 Rare Candy


Trade sim (Trade evolve pokes with yourself)
Hat (Puts whatever you are holding as hat)
Jump (Jumps to the location you are looking at)
Pokeheal (Heals your pokes)
Pc (Opens the Pc)
Color Nick (Allows you to use color in your nick)
Hiddenpower (Reveal your pokemon's hidden power)
RedeemFossil (Redeem the fossil you are holding)
Wb (Opens a workbench)
Pokecolor (Color your pokemon's names)

Set Home 3 (Set up to 3 homes)

Fly (Fly)


1. Special Donor Elite Rank on discord!
2. Special (E) prefix on the tab menu!
3. Special Elite prefix in chat!
4. Join server even when its full!